Luis Aguilera was born in Caracas, Venezuela. An award-winning Creative, he has always been intrigued by the innovative ways that photography can capture a moment, especially shots near water. With the use of various drones, Aguilera has been able to capture moments that were only available to those who had access to a helicopter. With his drone photography, Aguilera has been able to capture stunning photos of the oceans in different parts of the world. His series, “Thalassophile”, which means lover of the oceans, has explored the beaches of Miami Beach and Fort Lauderdale in Florida as well as Ocho Rios, Jamaica. He’s also captured the exotic beaches in Waipo’o Valley, Waimea Beach, and Two Step in Hawaii. Mesmerized by the beachside scene and its ocean-adjacent atmosphere, this series focuses on the immensity and power of the ocean and how small people are in comparison. Capturing moments that feel authentic and true to the experience of being by the ocean, Aguilera’s series shows how no matter how different humans are, we are all captured the same 400 ft. in the air. As Aguilera continues to focus on his aerial photography and his "Thalassophile" series, he is looking to capture new experiences and regions. 


If you’re interested in working or collaborating with Luis Aguilera, please contact him at luisaguileraphoto@gmail.com.


You can also follow his daily photo journey on his Instagram account: @lgaguilera


List of Awards

Cannes Lions
Gold Cannes Lion PR
Gold Cannes Lion Direct
Silver Cannes Lion Promo & Activation
Silver Cannes Lion Promo & Activation
Silver Cannes Lion Promo & Activation
Silver Cannes Lion Media
Bronze Cannes Lion Entertaintment
Bronze Cannes Lion Direct
Bronze Cannes Lion Cyber
Bronze Cannes Lion Cyber

The One Show :
Silver in Film - Short Form Campaign.
Silver in Film - Under 100K budget.
Silver in Social Media - Branded Social Campaign.
Silver in Social Media - Community building.
Bronze in Branded Entertainment - Short Form Campaign.
Bronze in Social Media - Branded Social Post

Epica Awards, Berlin
Gold in Outdoor
Bronze in Online Campaigns

Multicultural Advertising Campaign of the year.

Gold - Live broadcast/ Live streaming
Gold in Cyber - Digital campaign.
Gold in Promo - Products and services.
Gold in PR - Digital and social
Gold in Branded Content - Use or integration of digital or social media.
Silver in Promo - Digital and social
Bronze in Film - Branded Content

National Addy’s Best of Show
Silver in Online/Interactive, Social Media
Silver in Elements of Advertising, Digital Creative Technology
Best in show Online/Interactive
Gold in Film, Video & Sound – Online Film
Gold in Online/Interactive – Advertising and Promotion
Gold in Film, Video, & Sound, Branded Content and Entertainment
Silver in Online/Interactive, Social Media
Silver in Online/Interactive, Advertising and Promotion

Honoree in Brand Strategy
Honoree in Brand Strategy